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  • [15/Nov/2018]
    IFRC Asia is Recognized by World Halal Council since 2008.
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  • [15/Nov/2018]
    IFRC Asia is Recognized by GIMDES Turkey (99% Muslim population).
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Important Announcement

Posted on : 29-Jan-19




  1. Many years ago, The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) had put up several posts containing a list titled "Halal Logo NOT RECOGNIZED by JAKIM" and "The Following Halal Logo is ILLEGAL and NOT RECOGNIZED under the Trade Descriptions Act (APD 2011)" in the Facebook Page (Bahagian Hab Halal, JAKIM). However, the list was reposted again on 9 January 2017, 24 March 2017 and 14 November 2018, which contained the Islamic Food Research Center (IFRC) halal logo.
  1. Starting from this action by JAKIM, it has becoming increasingly widespread and the list is displayed through the portal of many agencies' and other Malaysian governments' websites such as:
  1. It is also repeatedly posted by several Facebook pages, namely :
  1. Air Sihat Untuk Keluarga Yang Sihat
  2. Amberpine Malaysia
  3. Biro Ekonomi & Keusahawanan UMNO Raub
  4. Halal Academy
  5. Jom Sokong Produk Melayu Islam
  6. Kapten Gobel
  7. Perunding Halal & Teknologi Makanan
  8. Rakyat Prihatin, Tanggungjawab Bersama
  9. Sahabat Halal
  10. Visit Kelantan
  1. IFRC is legitimate and valid halal certification body; it is registered in Hong Kong with registration number - 2307432. IFRC is also one of the members of the World Halal Council (WHC) since 2008, where IFRC is recognized by all members in the Federation of the World Halal Certification Bodies such as GIMDES Turkey, IDCP Philippines and others. Therefore, how can IFRC possibly be illegal and false if it is recognized by various reputable halal certification bodies abroad for over a decade?.
  1. The question arises as to why only IFRC halal certification body is constantly publicised as a halal body that is not recognized by JAKIM, whereas there are many other halal certification bodies that exist overseas that are not recognized by JAKIM. Why IFRC is the only one listed? Does IFRC conduct fake halal certification? The answer is NO. Does IFRC certify a product as halal blindly without auditing the factories? The answer is NO. Therefore, it is none other than the intention to discredit IFRC abroad.
  1. For your information, IFRC only issues halal certification to overseas customers, mainly China, Thailand and Korea. IFRC does not issue halal certification on products manufactured in Malaysia for the Malaysian market. So why does JAKIM try to disrupt IFRC ? Whereas, the halal certification issued by IFRC is NOT false, illegal or prohibited. Thus, the posts that have been disseminated to the public are very much distorted. Moreover, IFRC halal logo has not been seen in any premises in Malaysia.
  1. In addition, IFRC has also tried several times since 2011 until now to gain recognition from JAKIM. However, our requests were not entertained and the answer given by JAKIM is that they are not the Accreditation Body that is entitled to recognize any halal certification body. If this is the answer, then what is the right of JAKIM to state our certification body as a dubious, unrecognized and false halal body, whereas our request to JAKIM for review of our application has only been "looked one eye”?
  1. The impacts of spreading the list of halal bodies that are not recognized by JAKIM is that it has tarnished the reputation of IFRC as a credible halal certification body overseas and dispelled customers' confidence in IFRC. As a result, it provides opportunities for other halal certification bodies and its agents to bring down and diminish IFRC. This has seriously affected our company’s business. Whereas what we are trying to accomplish is to fulfil the demands of Fardhu Kifayah for Muslims in increasing the halal products in the world market and to facilitate Muslims in choosing halal food that are good wholesome food.
  1. We would like to humbly request for JAKIM's goodwill to remove the logo distribution which states that IFRC is not recognized and requesting websites from agencies and government of Malaysia as well as Facebook pages that distribute the post to not intentionally misinterpret and aggravate our organization again. This is because IFRC is NOT an illegal halal certification body but merely an unrecognized body in Malaysia, whilst widely recognized by various halal certification bodies abroad such as Turkey, United States, Japan, Philippines and other countries globally.


Posted on : 24-Jan-19


IFRC halal certified products can enter any countries in the world including China, Korea, Indonesia and Singapore. Recognition is only required for the purpose of obtaining halal certificate from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura/ Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) or other (if any) for the ingredients used in products to be certified by them. Other than this purpose, all halal certified products by reputable Halal Certification Bodies such as IFRC can be distributed globally.

Posted on : 15-Oct-18


This certificate is NOT issued by Halal Food Council International (HFCI).

Halal certificate issued by Halal Food
Council International (HFCI)

Halal certificate issued by an
untraceable company.

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