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SUCI Certification


What isSUCI/ āhir/PURE?

SUCI in Malay language means pure and clean. Ṭāhir (طاهر) is the Arabic word for SUCI. According to Islamic Law, any things or surface that Muslim touch must be clean and pure. If any separate parts of body such as hands, feet come into contact with najs or things that are contaminated with najs, they must be cleaned.

Why SUCI/ āhir/PURE?

SUCI/ Ṭāhir/ PURE is applicable for non-food and usable goods such as shoes, belt and pet food.

Things that are not SUCI/ āhir/PURE and cannot be purified to become SUCI are:

1) Pig

2) Dog

Why do we need to be certified as SUCI/ āhir/PURE?

If we need certify "halal", the same applies for SUCI as certification ensures the identity of something whether it is halal or SUCI. Third party such as IFRC is the best certifies for either halal or SUCI, as the certification is the most authentic and unbiased.

The criteria of SUCI/ āhir/PURE:

a) Ingredient Compliance:
  • Things that is not derived from or contaminated with pig or dog.
  • Part of animal that does not contain blood such as hair, horn and nail.
  • Skin of dead animals other than pig and dog (which were not slaughtered) but have been tanned or cleaned by water, sunshine or chemicals.
b) Factory Compliance:
  • Factory must be free from pork based products in term of ingredients used, production line, processing, packaging, storage, etc.

Statement About Pure Certification
Status According to Malaysian Law

SUCI Products In The Market

Among SUCI Products


Pet Food

Sanitary Pad

Catridge Filter

Hair Dye

Cosmetic Tools

Requirement for SUCI/ Tahir/ Pure Certification

Steps to Obtain SUCI/ TAHIR/ PURE Certification

Sample of SUCI Certification

How To Apply SUCI/ Tahir/ Pure Certification

(1) Download Application Form here.
(2) Fill up the application form and submit along with supporting documents.
(3) Submit your form via e-mail, fax or courier to us.

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