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Founder Profile

Founder Profile

Born in 1948 in the state of Kelantan, Tuan Haji Abdullah Fahim is a former Director of Research of JAKIM from 1993 to 1998, who was also in charge of Halal Certificate of Malaysia when its certificate first being introduced in early 1994. He holds the Bachelor and Master Degree in Islamic Studies from National University of Malaysia.

As Research Director of JAKIM, he was directly involved in preparing and presenting working papers to Malaysian National Fatwa Committee on issues pertaining Islamic Laws including contemporary issues on Halal matters such as the status of cheese and rennet, stunning, mechanical slaughtering, alcohol and filth (najs) and others.

Tuan Haji Abdullah Fahim has been working closely with the World Halal Council (WHC) as the member of Executive Committee and has been appointed as the Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General and Treasurer before being appointed as Shariah Committee at present. The current WHC President is Mr. Zafer Gedikli of GIMDES, Turkey and its Secretary General is Mr. Abdul Rahman Linzag of IDCP, Philippines, Mr. Habib Ghanim of USA Halal Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is the Vice President.


Picture from 1991 taken during retirement ceremony of Tuan Hj. Ahmad Awang, Director of Research JAKIM (in the middle). On the right is Tuan Hj. Abdullah Fahim, the new Director of Research JAKIM who replaced him.

Senior Officers Meeting MABIM at Brunei (1995). From left: Dato' Hj Mustafa (CEO of Baitulmal/ former DG of JAKIM), Tn. Hj. Abdullah Fahim (Director of Research JAKIM), and Hj. Imran Kadir (former Deputy DG of JAKIM).

Tn. Hj. Abdullah Fahim (standing in the middle, second from right) as MABIMS delegates with the Minister and Director General of JAKIM during Excom Meeting in Kuala Lumpur (1995).

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